Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its Been Awhile.........

Sorry about Neglecting my blog spot! I'm Back! Its been awhile...thought i'd Come and fill everyone in on whats been doing on in life! start...College is tiresome! I'm soo ready to graduate! UGH! Not to long! We're in a Recession! And It sux, especially as a college Kid!!

I've joined Twitter! FOLLOW ME ----->
I wasn't going to join, but I just thought I'd check it out..and I'm totally addicted now! lol ! If your not a part of Twitter you should Join! Its fun!

Lets see Still on the Prowl for a Job! Man Troubles Still Reside! Besides that...Nothing has really changed. I'm just trying to focus on School! Oooh yeah I'm trying to go see Drake Next month in Concert! I'm so excited! I love him!

Well I guess thats it for today. Like I said its been awhile, just thought I'd check in!

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