Monday, December 7, 2009

Krys Please..Thank YOU!

OMG I love this girl to death. And I'm such a waterhead I started to cry while watching this video in the computer lab on campus. NO I don't know how it feels to overcome such a sickness, but I can imagine all the happiness and relief she feels right now! Cancer Survivor!! Krys Ivory has been around for quite sometime. I remember talking to her over myspace a few times ( very Sweet girl). I was asking her about her production team and where I could possibly send demos if I ever got around to make one. And she was happy to help. Currently she was just signed with Ryan Leslie's Label "Next Selection". Ryan Leslie is another Amazing yet underrated artist that I love as well. Here's a couple videos of her work and Her big introduction as a Member of Next Selection! She's a Rising Star y'all! Catch UP! CHECK IT!

Some other FAVs
- She like em Bad
- Imagine that
- Runaway
- Don't know about you

Her Blog
Her Myspace
Her Twitter

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