Monday, November 2, 2009

THEY went all out.

The Celebs Have Fun too!!


Queeun B

Teyana Taylor .LOL.

Rihanna & Ice T's Wife
Love Ri Ri's Custome

The Cannons
the more I see these two, the more I like

Devilish Selita E
Love IT!

Jordan Sparks & her Boo
Not sure who he is??

Jay remained his calm, too cool, and collected self
Just slap on a Mask "Happpy Halloween Folks, its the ROC!"


  1. aye giiiiirl!! this page if FAB! love the music exclusives....u already know i'll be visting frequently. ♥ u most!

  2. Teyana Taylor is off the hook!
    I can't get into Ice T's wife
    I like Jordan Sparks' outfit
    Jov looks like a killer for real lol