Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So awhile ago I posted how I desperately wanted that Urban Decay:Alice in Wonderland Palette.....Weeeeeell! I GOT IT! Yay Me!! Sooo it WAS sold out everywhere EXPECT one place that was THREE hours away but close to My Mom. *evil eye* I called my Mother to get it for me and mail it to me! hahahaha! Well my wonderful Dad went and got it for me.(loves Him)! I'm UBER happy tho! I was kinda getting tired of racing people on Ebay for one. lol. Its the best palette EVER! I'mma post some pics of some looks I created or ones that my personal Make-up artist did( not really my personal make-up artist but shes DOPE enough to be one!!).

^Here's one that Miss T.Blades Did^
click to Enlarge

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