Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sex!? Just a three letter word

Sex On The First Date? We ALL consider it but whats up with the negative connotation attached to it? Espeically for women in my opinion. As soon as we say we had sex on the first date, we're instantly called a......well you know. But let a man do it...they win cools points with their manfriend. Women have it bad both ways. Their girlfriends judge them(women are soo Eviiiil) and men tag them with the "Easy" bulls-eye. What's really wrong with being a sexual human being? This goes for both men & women. As long as your wrapping it, everything is good right? -->Protect yourself undoubtedbly.<--I guess some people believe that having sex whenever or with whom ever you please, in essence the value of sex with that one SPECIAL person declines. Especially if ya been around the block a few times...You've done it ALL! lol. But is Sex equivalent to love making?? What ya'll think??

Sex On the FIRST DATE??

Why Are women easily considered...??

Is Sex Equilvalent to Love making??

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  1. Love-Making & sex are different. Not so much in the physical act as in the intent of the act. To me when 2 people make love they intend for the act to draw them closer to each other. To me sex doesn't serve the same purpose for most people. (I'ma get back 2 u. Got a lil more 2 say but tired of tryin 2 type on this BB).