Saturday, January 2, 2010

On to the Next One

I'm sure you all have heard of the rumors about Jay being a part of illiminati(free mason/devil worshippers), i personally thinks its a bunch of bull. All tho I do find the topic kinda interesting. Not anything I'd be interested in, just interesting. lol. But now people are trying to say that this video is showing even more connection to illuminati for Jay. I honestly think that he played into the rumors circulating about him. And as you see the video has nothing to do with the lyrics to the song, i think he's trying to send a message. "I got a million ways to get it"--with or without this career he's capable of making that MONEY! Broke is not in his Vocab! "I'm on the next one."---He's not stunting any of this rumor ish, this is everyday life for a artist--#ontothenextone. Jay's a smart man people, very smart if you haven't noticed. Wake UP! Now if this ish is true.....SMH!(thats all i have to say)


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  2. I posted the vid too and I think its dope. I'm sure Jay's aware of the rumors and prob wanted to give the ppl something to feed the rumors. I highly doubt they're true...