Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where's your happiness

Just when I think I've found happiness, somethings always gets me to
thinking. It's like one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. Am I happy
with my life or really unhappy? Certain days I get these sporadic
jolts of energy.. "get up, get out and do something" kind of feelings, but after a few weeks I'm back at the same corner of my mind; dark, confused, lost and
upset. I don't like to think of myself as a jealous person but I have
tendencies. I look around and I see these smiling faces, wishing that
it was me. I look at other females lives and wish that it were
me..living the life, (couples) endless love, just plain happy. In
my mind love and money opens the door to happiness. is that really right?

But I often leave YOU out.
YOU rest in the clouds, hug the universe
breathe life into the world.
That Holy man above is who i speak of.
I need to put all my faith into him.
When i say all, I mean all.

What we fail to realize is that people can smile their life away, but are they really happy deep down inside? Really?? We spend so much time looking onto others instead of finding what really makes us happy. I've learned that i can't always have what other people have. If i want, or course, i have to work for it. As soon as i get a sporadic jolt again i will continue to repeat to myself "Dream it. Feel it. Think it. Do it." You should too.

What makes you happy??

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  1. I understand where you Are coming from. I find myself in the same state on mind. I realized that Money + Love doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. I found that I get joy from the little things in life. Everyone gets so caught up in chasing cash that they throw their life away in the process. And people want love so bad that they end up compromising themselves to make it work with someone that may not be for them. For a individual to find out what really makes them happy they have to get rid of all outside influences and comtemplate on what makes them happy. As for myself the peace of mind that I am in control of my own destiny makes me happy.